Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fashion: Mid 90’s

Men: In the mid-1990s, 1960s mod clothing and longer hair were popular in Britain due to the success of Britpop. Men also wore Aloha shirts, brown leather jackets, loafers, paisley shirts, throwback pullover baseball jerseys, graphic-print t-shirts (often featuring dragons, athletic logos or numbers), and neon-colored trainers (sometimes incorporating flashing lights and elastic self-tying laces). In America hip-hop fashion went mainstream, with oversized baseball jackets, bomber jackets, Baja Jackets, gold jewelry, baggy carpenter jeans, tracksuits and overalls popular among young men as casual wear.

Woman: The mid-1990s saw a revival of 1960s fashion, including hippie-style floral dresses, turtleneck shirts, lace blouses, conch shell necklaces, straw hats, Gypsy tops, long floral skirts, chunky wedge heeled shoes, and dolly shoes. Around this time in Europe and America it was also fashionable to dress entirely in black or wear designer clothing displaying Italian or French labels (such as Lacoste, Yves Saint-Laurent, Armani, Gucci, or Chanel) as a way of demonstrating one's apparent social status and wealth. A common outfit was to wear a skirt, dress shorts, baby doll dress or short dress with black opaque tights, white slouch socks and white sneakers. In America olive green dresses and yellow or blue denim shortalls, a version of overalls in which the legs of the garment resemble those of shorts, were very popular

Youth: In the mid-1990s the grunge style resulted in a decline in bright colors from 1995 until the late 2000s, and was dominated by tartan flannel shirts, stonewashed blue jeans, and dark colors like maroon, forest green, indigo, brown, white and black. For younger children, the mid-1990s was the Golden Age of Disney films with T-shirts and sweaters featuring characters like Simba, Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, and Winnie the Pooh. Tartan trousers, striped shirts, long sleeved polo shirts, and sweaters (often knitted by the child's grandmother) were worn by young boys in the UK. Blue denim and railroad stripe overalls were also popular for females as seen on television and commercials throughout the decade, and for teenagers who would leave either strap hanging loose. Wide leg jeans, bomber jackets, tracksuits and baseball caps worn backwards became popular among hip hop fans together with gold chains, sovereign rings, and FUBU T-shirts.

Next time we will discuss the fashion of the late nineties!

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